The Isle of Ashes is the starting region in Might and Magic IX. Through the dock, the party can travel to Sturmford once the Kill the Bone Thrashers quest has been completed.

Map guide Edit

  1. Forad Darre. He gives the party the Find Yrsa the Troll and Kill the Bone Thrashers quests, and joins the party.
  2. Yrsa the Troll. She gives the party the Help Yrsa the Troll and Unite the Clans quests.
  3. The dragonflies that Yrsa wants the party to kill.
  4. The Verhoffin Ruins. The party must go here to complete the Take the Capstone of Order to the Verhoffin Ruins and Find Verhoffin's Diary quests.
  5. A locked door leading to a treasure chest.
  6. The party's starting point.
  7. The dock.
  8. A group of skeletons that must be slain to complete the Kill the Bone Thrashers quest.

Monsters Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Perception: 0
  • Lock difficulty: 0
  • Trap deadliness: 1
  • Treasure value: 1
  • Refill: 600

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