The Ironpick caste is a worker caste among the dwarves of Corantha in Crusaders of Might and Magic. According to the knight Drammar, they are "the very cornerstone of Dwarven prosperity", due to their hard work in the deepest mines. However, generations of disenfranchisement led to a growing tide of unrest.

At the time of Drake's visit, the dissent had developed into open warfare. King Aiden had been murdered, and the rebels were attacking allies of Crown Prince Dain. Drake later learned that the flames had been fuelled by Tor, Dain's younger brother, who had been working with Necros to take down his father and brother.

Downtrodden members of the workers caste, the Ironpicks dream of equality, justice and opportunity.OffBck

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In the PC version, Tor doesn't appear. Instead, it is suggested that Necros is using deceivers to drive the Ironpicks to revolt.

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