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Morglin Ironfist's wife, or Queen Ironfist, was the spouse of Morglin Ironfist and the mother of Archibald and Roland Ironfist. She is only briefly mentioned in the Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest manual, accompanied by an illustration of her character by April Lee, and is not referred to by name.

Her rulership of Enroth as its Queen appears to have been brief, as she had apparently died or disappeared prior to the events of Heroes of Might and Magic II. It appears most likely that she was a Sorceress, as implied by her mystical appearance and in Apocalypse; the King's Road in this map is populated by Farm towns, while the Queen's Road is strewn with Forest towns.


Morglin Ironfist's wife is mentioned in Heroes I: A Strategic Quest and in Heroes II: The Succession Wars.