Golems are ancient magical constructs that are used as primary battle units by the Silver Cities. Golems are armed with two long curved swords, and their substance is their armour. Iron golems are impervious to slowing effects - they really can't get much slower - and are well protected against magic (all damage from such attacks is halved).OffBck

The iron golem is the basic third-level creature of the Academy faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. They are decent fighters, and somewhat cheap, but are one of the units that benefit the most from being upgraded.


Mechanical - This creature is not alive (like all Golems) and its morale is always neutral. It cannot be affected by Poison-, Blind- or Mind-related magic. These creatures cannot be resurrected or healed by First Aid Tent

Immune to Slow - This creature cannot be slowed down

Magic-proof 50% - Attacking spells inflict 50% less damage to this creature

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