Ira is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Shades of Darkness.


Sharka's jaguar dog: at least, that's what the worm-tongues call Ira when adopting a less-than-charitable disposition towards the warlord's most trusted lieutenant.
Not that he'd give a damn if he heard them; he'd just nod his head a fraction, eyes unblinking, and then slam to the ground.
Years back, when he killed a fabled Shadow Panther with his bare hands and established his place in the pecking order, it was rumoured that the spirit of the magical beast possessed him and had began its slow battle for his soul.
Increasingly amoral and vicious, it seems Ira is losing the fight.

Ira is a Jaguar warrior, a member of Orcs who are wild, unpredicatble, but strong and powerful. He swore his oath to Sharka and completes his tasks in promises of rewards.



Stronghold CampaignEdit

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Ira appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Shades of Darkness.

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