"Should you choose the path of Magic, you will begin life as an Initiate. Initiates are poor fighters, but can learn all the schools of magic. Unable to employ the weapons of the Fighter, they rely on magic to vanquish foes. As Initiates grow in experience, they will have to make a choice to specialise as a studious Scholar or a devout Healer."

The Initiate is one of the two starting classes in Might and Magic IX, the other being the Fighter. Initiates are magic users, with more spell options than the fighter, but less skill with weapons and armor.

Skills Edit

Initiates start with the Elemental and Spirit magic skills. They can learn skills to the following levels:

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Blade No No No No
Bow Yes No No No
Cudgel Yes No No No
Spear No No No No
Thrown No No No No
Unarmed No No No No
Armor Yes No No No
Dodge Yes No No No
Shield No No No No
Dark Magic Yes No No No
Elemental Magic Yes Yes No No
Light Magic Yes Yes No No
Spirit Magic Yes No No No
Armsmaster No No No No
Body Building No No No No
Disarm Trap Yes No No No
Identify Item Yes Yes No No
Identify Monster Yes No No No
Item Repair Yes No No No
Learning Yes No No No
Meditation Yes No No No
Merchant Yes Yes No No
Perception Yes Yes No No

Promotion Edit

If they complete the quest from Tymon the Nord, Initiates can be promoted to Scholars, who are experts in Light, Dark, and Elemental Magic.

If they instead complete the quest from Tjolnir the Super-neat, they can be promoted to Healers, who are experts in Light, Dark, and Spirit Magic.

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