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Inferno town theme

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The Inferno is a faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Imprisoned between worlds by the legendary wizard known as the Seventh Dragon, the Legions of Chaos want out in the worst way - using any destructive, spiteful, vicious and sadistic methods to get what they want.

The Inferno, introduced as a new town in Heroes III, was amalgamated with the Death alignment in Heroes IV following the genocide of the Kreegans, but have once again dissociated themselves with Death, but maintained their correlation with evil. Witnessing the advent of new creatures such as the horned overseer and the succubus, the Inferno town has a formidable line-up, and plays a large role in the storyline.

The rivalry between angels and devils was also rekindled in this installment of the Heroes series.


Some familiar names are present, other not so familiar, as we witness the renaissance of the Inferno faction. Having regained the faith of Pit Fiends, Balors and Horned Demons to join their army, they have also lured nightmares from their Chaotic lair. The demon assumes a much more minor position in this iteration of the Inferno Town, while the only new addition is its upgrade and the Succubus pair, who are one of the town's two only ranged attackers.


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