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The Inferno is one of the five playable factions featured in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. It is a translation of the Inferno faction which appeared in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Aidan Unicorn and Jezebeth are the faction's playable heroes. As expected, Sheogh is the faction's most prominent locale.

Official descriptionEdit

"The chaotic demon horde relies on pure power to crush its enemies. Inferno battle units have increased attack power to make up for their weak defensive capabilities. Though slower than most armies, players will be able to utilize many powerful offensive strategies with this faction."


Creature Appearance Designation Description
Horned Demon Horned demon (CoH) Core "With their jagged claws, they inflict the most damage of all Inferno Core units."
Imp Imp (CoH) Core "Their attacks deal damage while simultaneously draining magic from the enemy Hero's MP bar."
Hellhound Hellhound (CoH) Core "The fastest Inferno Core units, Hellhounds are a Hero's best friend."
Succubus Succubus (CoH) Elite "Fires 4 explosive blasts of hellfire that also damage any units surrounding their target."
Nightmare Nightmare (CoH) Elite "All Nightmare formations will launch in unison, regardless of their remaining Charge Time."
Sorcerer Sorcerer (CoH) Elite (Secret) "Launches dark magic that instantly breaks apart any enemy formation it hits, turning it idle."
Abyssal Lord Abyssal lord (CoH) Champion "Summons 4 flaming geysers out of the ground along a single enemy column."
Pit Fiend Pit fiend (CoH) Champion "Crushes enemies with a Chaos-imbued sword, forged in the hellfires of Sheogh."

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