The ice elemental is the upgrade of the water elemental, the third-level creature of the Conflux in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. It can be recruited from the upgraded Altar of Water.

Water Magic animates the Water Elemental. These creatures are immune to Mind, Ice Ray and Frost Ring spells, but take double damage from Fire Wall, Inferno, Fireball, and Fire Shield spells. Because their form is more solid, Ice Elementals have the ability to throw deadly ice tridents. Additionally, they have the ability to cast the spell Protection from Water.OffBck

The ice elemental has slightly higher speed than the water elemental, and a ranged attack, but unlike the storm elemental, it has melee penalties and should be kept out of the enemy's reach. It can cast Protection from Water spell on allied creatures.

It has Mind spell immunity. Much like its unupgraded form, it is Immune to ice ad Vulnerable to fire spells.


  • Lacus and Kalt are specialists in ice elementals, and give them +1 to Attack and Defense per hero level after third level.

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