In times of peace, the Hunters supply the Sylvan communities with food, and they are respected for their skills and prowess. Wandering Irollan, they live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They will never kill a living being without purpose. In times of war, however, they have no compunction about using their talents to strike down enemies from afar. Their uncanny affinity with their enchanted Elf bow allow them to fire two shots before an enemy can even blink.OffBck

The hunter is the third-level creature of the Sylvan town in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

A skilled ranged attacker, made even more dangerous by the Elves Double Shot, this creature is useful, but somewhat fragile, and should be kept safe from enemy attacks.


  • Shooter - This creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance to target is longer than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage. Shooter cannot use ranged attack when blocked by enemy creature. If there's no Ammo Cart in the army, the number of shots is limited by available ammo.
  • Elves Double Shot - Nothing can hinder creature from firing two full shots at the enemy instead of just one.


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