For the town in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, see Hunting Lodge.
HuntersLodge map

The map of the area

The hunter's lodge is the first location in the Sylvan campaign in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. After escaping from the demon ambush, Anwen decides to warn her cousin Findan about the infernal attack.

Findan doesn't believe her at first, but when the ranger Maethorn is attacked by a demon, he realizes that she was right. Before he dies, Maethorn tells Anwen and Findan to investigate a hidden grotto nearby, where they find a pair of demons stomping around in heavy knight boots, trying to leave footprints that will pin the blame for the invasion on the knights of the Holy Griffin Empire. After slaying them, the pair realize that the druid tree is under attack.


These objectives can be found in the Hunter's Lodge area.







The following creatures can be gained in this location:


  • Leaf Plate: In a chest right next to Findan.
  • Deer Antler: In a chest in the northwestern cave, guarded by a nameless demon.
  • Golden Roots In a chest in the hidden grotto.
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