Hunapa is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Hunapo was destined to be a Shaman, following in the footsteps of his noble father, Tohunga. This fate was dramatically transformed when his tribe, under the leadership of Tohunga, settled the uninhabited Forgotten Island.
They had no idea that their new hunting grounds were infested with Dark Magic and spiritually connected to the Invisible Library of the Faceless.
Hunapo suddenly changed. No longer satisfied with the role of medium to his ancestors, other voices started to fill his incredibly sensitive mind. Hunapo fell under the spell of the Invisible Library, and the combination of his powerful Orc atavisms and a mystical mind filled with the secrets of Ashan’s greatest assassins, turn him into a terrifying predator.



Stronghold CampaignEdit


Hunapo appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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