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The Human is one of the elder races of Ashan. Like the others, humans were created to serve one of the Elemental Dragons. Humans were the servants of Ylath, the God of Air.

After the end of the Mythic Age and the split between the material world and the spirit world, where the Elemental Dragons were locked away from their mortal servants, the humans joined the other elder races in the Shantiri Empire, until it fell in the Elder Wars.

In 3 YSD, Ronan the Great, High King of the Falcon clan, unified the human tribes of the plains into the great Falcon Empire, which his son was to inherit after him. Sar-Elam, the Seventh Dragon, blessed the new monarch and told him that his line would endure as long as the world did.

In 28 YSD, demons invaded the rest of Ashan, an event known as the Wars of Fire. The angels lost their sky cities in the struggle, and found themselves homeless. When the war was over, they decided to approach Brian Falcon, great-grandson of Ronan, and offered to convert his fragile Empire, forlorn by the Dragon of Air, into a strong nation dedicated to Elrath, the Dragon of Light. He agreed, and when he was crowned Emperor, the human nation was renamed the Holy Falcon Empire.

In addition to the Holy Empire, humans also make up the majority of the wizards in the Silver Cities, as well as the necromancers in Heresh, they also form the majority of the inhabitants of the Free Cities, the small independent cities-states founded by humans having preferred to leave the Falcon Empire rather than abandon their beliefs in Ylath.

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