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"You discovered my true identity! Into the Soul Maze you go…"

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The hooded figure is an ancient creature of great knowledge and unknown appearance and origin that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith.

When Hitch entered the dining hall in Paddifraw's Repose, he saw an "aged-looking individual of indeterminate race and gender" sitting there, bent over a foul-smelling bowl. They were clad in a hooded cloak, with only a large nose and wrinkled, clawlike hands visible. He started to study the bronze disk he had bought from Semmalyne, and suddenly noticed that the stranger sat next to him. Hitch called the disk a "rare and ancient artifact", but the stranger told him that, while it was indeed rare, they were quite sure that it was just 2800 years old at most.

When Hitch rose up to leave, the stranger grabbed his hand and warned him that "all this fiddling with the Wire" would be coming to a head soon, and that it had been tried before, but "never with such ferocity - nor with such allies", referring to the struggle between Amonwelle and Dubiel, and the Shadowsmith's contact with the ship from Bright Star.

They also told Hitch that his "somnolent friend" could hold the key in the end, depending on when Hitch decided to wake him up, before handing him a small object, calling it his reward "for suffering the idle chatter of the aged". Whe he looked up, the figure was gone. The gift later turned out to be a missing piece of the Dreamwright machine.

Hitch next met the stranger beneath Tustable Impery. He was traveling alone in one of the cars when it suddenly stopped, and the stranger approached him again. According to the stranger, most of the vehicles there hadn't been activated in millennia. They placed a golden cap on the Staff of Blue Light, telling Hitch that this would allow him to open and close portals - "two taps to open doors, three to close them." They then warned him to keep his eyes wide around the lake, and that "there's more to death than a pile of smoking garments", predicting Dubiel's apparent death at the hands of Hitch.

The stranger referred to the golden cap as their "middle gift", and told Hitch that "gifts - the really good ones, at any rate - tend to come in threes", hinting that the character was meant to return in Might and Magic: The Worldcrafter, where it is likely that readers would have learned more about the character's origin and motives. The novel was never completed.

Word of God[]

Geary Gravel revealed in June 2022 that the hooded figure was intended to be one of the Guardians.