Himiko is a character featured in Pirates of the Savage Sea.


Himiko was born in the undersea realm of the Naga. A precocious child, Himiko joined the ranks of the Pearl Priestesses and devoted her life to the worship of the Dragon Goddess of Water, helping the downtrodden and bringing peace to the wounded. It all changed when she witnessed the wrecking of the Imperial fleet during the last days of the Orc Crusades. As an avatar of Shalassa destroyed the Human ships, drowning hundreds of sailors, something broke inside the gentle Himiko. She started to develop a morbid obsession with the destructive aspect of Shalassa, the Wrecker. Her faith became so twisted she was eventually banished from the Lotus Empire and branded as a heretic. Himiko relocated to the Savage Sea and started to work on a plan to carry the will of the Wrecker to a grander scale.OffBck



  • The Fortunes of Captain Hack: Himiko summons the Thunderbird on the Thunder Peak that lets the waters of the Savage Islands much more dangerous. After Crag Hack defeats her minion, she captures him.
  • The King of the Savage Sea: Himiko wants to awake the volcano. She opens several Elemental Confluxes, but Crag Hack stabilizes the reaction. Himiko still sets the ritual despite, though dies as the result.


Himiko appears only in Pirates of the Savage Sea.


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