Hidden Spire is a scenario in Heroes of Might and Magic for Game Boy Color.


There's only one obelisk, but it has many guards.OffBck

The Warlock, who starts with a Mountain town either in the eastern or the western part of the region, has to conquer the snowy lands. There are three other enemy towns, which are also in the north and in the south. All of them have mines, which have some creature defenses. There are also additional towns, which are placed in a counterclockwise position (so the hero that starts in the west can find the town in the southwest). The western region has a Mountain, the southern a Farm, the eastern a Forest and the northern a Plains town, all in which shipyards can be constructed. In addition, the regions also have wagons, from which rogues can be recruited.

The central obelisk, which has tier four to tier six guards, is well-guarded. Around it are eight creatures, from which at least five need to be defeated to visit the obelisk. Close to the obelisk are two ancient lamps, which offer genies.



The hero should stay alarmed; the snow makes it harder to travel around the land. Since the hero always starts with a Mountain, capturing the neighboring town should come as a first priority to give out gold and troops. The central obelisk can be tough to conquer, so the hero can postpone the search for the ultimate artifact later on. Also, the hero should pay attention to sulfur deposits, there aren't many resources around the region, while the mines are guarded well.