Heroic Corner (Russian: Геройский Уголок, Geroisky Ugolok) is a Russian fan site dedicated to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, in particular Heroes of Might and Magic IV and Heroes of Might and Magic V, hosted by Absolute Games. The site is run by Igor "LaBoule" Savenkov.

History[edit | edit source]

Heroic Corner was founded by LaBoule, who has remained its webmaster to date, on June 13, 2001, on a popular free Russian webhost, Narod.ru, as a knowledge base for the upcoming Heroes IV. In seven months, the daily visitor count reached 600 without any advertising, and on January 13, 2002, the site moved to Absolute Games, the biggest gaming portal in Russia.

With the help of AG's Andrey "Zombiek" Shevchenko, the site design was completely revamped and stood unchanged for more than four years. Soon, the site reached 5,000 daily visitors even before the game was released. To the date, Heroic Corner remains the largest Heroes site in Russia.

On June 16, 2006, one month after the release of Heroes V, the design was revamped once again. The third and current design, clearly inspired by the Haven faction, was created by Sergey "G-RAY" Volkov.

Relationship with Ubisoft and Nival[edit | edit source]

Heroic Corner gained worldwide notoriety for posting a considerable amount of first-source news about Heroes V after Ubisoft took over the brand. In particular, LaBoule was the first to break the wall of silence surrounding Ubisoft's Heroes V and contact producer Fabrice Cambounet. Heroic Corner was also the first to post the rumor that Nival Interactive was developing the game after winning a tender announced by Ubisoft. This rumor was eventually confirmed, despite being almost universally discarded, but several rumors about a possible Heroes V announcement date did not come true.

Currently, the Heroic Corner forums are often visited by Nival employees for fan feedback (at one point, Fabrice himself was posting under the nickname "MuadDibUbi"). For example, a Nival developer known as "jackill-mf" is gathering translation mistakes in the Russian version of Heroes V that will be incorporated into the upcoming 1.2 patch.

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