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The Heroes of Might and Magic V fan manual was a project by fans of Heroes of Might and Magic V that felt that the official game manual didn't cover their needs. The first version was released on August 1st 2006, and the manual was the first project to receive the Ubisoft Seal of Approval.

The manual was created by the people of Age of Heroes, and then translated into French, German, Czech, Russian, Polish, and Spanish by the fans on Archangel Castle, Drachenwald, Heroes Centrum, Heroic Corner, Jaskinia Behemota, and Torre de Marfil, respectively.

Among other things, it covers:

  • Heroes, with their starting skills, army, spell, and specialty
  • Skills, with effect and requirements
  • Creatures, with statistics and abilities
  • Spells, with effect and cost
  • Artifacts, with effect and cost
  • Town specializations
  • Adventure map structures
  • In-game weeks and their effects
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