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"You discovered my true identity! Into the Soul Maze you go…"

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The Heroes of Enroth is the playable adventuring party in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.

By default, the party consists of the Paladin Roderick, the Archer Alexis, the Cleric Serena, and the Sorcerer Zoltan.


The adventurers came from the town of Sweet Water, which was attacked by the kreegans after the Night of Shooting Stars. They were rescued by the Warlock Falagar, who transported them to safety and trained them.

While traveling, the group entered an abandoned goblin camp and found the corpse of Sulman, one of Roland's advisors. The body had a letter from Xenofex, revealing that Sulman had betrayed his king to the kreegans,, so the group brought the letter to Wilbur Humphrey, who was acting regent in the king's absence. Glad to hear news about the king, Humphrey rewarded them and asked them to help him find the king.

He advised them to seek the aid of the Oracle of Enroth, but in order to talk to the oracle, they needed the blessing of the High Council. They traveled to every member of the council, securing their blessing by performing quests, but during the vote, Humphrey's representative Slicker Silvertongue refused to allow them access, despite Humphrey giving them his support. The heroes discovered that Slicker Silvertongue was a high priest in the Temple of Baa, a foul cult founded by the kreegans to weaken Enroth. After being found out, Silvertongue fled, later being slain in the party's assault on the Supreme Temple of Baa.

The party was allowed to meet the oracle, who turned out to be a computer named Melian, created by the Ancients to act as the Guardian of Enroth. Melian had been damaged by Archibald when he tried to secure its support during the Second War of Enrothian Succession, so the group needed to find its memory crystals to repair it.

The heroes were unable to find the king, only learning that the kreegans had taken him far away. In order to foil the kreegans' dark plans, the party had to destroy the reactor in the Kreegan Hive. Melian's blasters were powerful enough to damage it, but unless they could perform a powerful ritual, the entire planet could end up destroyed. Archibald was the only man who could help them, so the group traveled to Castle Ironfist, where Archibald had been turned to stone at the end of the Succession Wars. After being cured by the party, Archibald gave them the Ritual of the Void and teleported away.

The heroes returned to their hometown of Sweet Water, where the Kreegan Hive was located. They killed the kreegan queen and destroyed the ship's reactor, wiping out all kreegans on the continent. The group was then knighted by Humphrey and Nicolai, Roland's son.

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