These are the cheats that can be used in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

During the game, hit TAB and type any one of those cheats, then press Enter.

Cheat Description
nwcAmbrosia Free resources
nwcGoSolo Auto play
nwcAres Win combat
nwcAchilles Lose combat
nwcHephaestus Gives the Elven Chain Mail
nwcEtTuBrute Gives the Tynan's Dagger of Despair
nwcNibelungenlied Gives the Sword of the Gods
nwcTristram Gives crusaders
nwcLancelot Gives champions
nwcStMichael Gives angels
nwcSevenLittleGuys Gives dwarves
nwcMerlin Gives magi
nwcCronus Gives titans
nwcBlahBlah Gives vampires
nwcHades Gives devils
nwcUnderTheBridge Gives trolls
nwcKingMinos Gives minotaurs
nwcXanthus Gives nightmares
nwcFafnir Gives black dragons
nwcDoYouSmellBrownies Gives sprites
nwcFenrir Gives wolves
nwcFixMyShoes Gives elves
nwcTheLast Gives unicorns
nwcRa Gives phoenixes
nwcValkyries Gives ogre magi
nwcGrendel Gives behemoths
nwcPoseidon Gives sea monster
nwcPrometheus Removes Fog of War
nwcAthena Gain skill
nwcThoth Increase level
nwcIsis Learn spells
nwcRagnarok Lose scenario
nwcHermes Unlimited movement
nwcValhalla Win scenario
nwcSacrificeToTheGods Max luck
nwcSphinx Reveal puzzle map
nwcPan Max morale
nwcCityOfTroy Build all buildings
nwcImAGod Access cheat menu (beta version only)
nwcAphrodite Tattooed white trash (combat screen only)
nwcOldMan Old man jack (combat screen only)
nwcExcalibur Saves the entire adventure map to main game directory in bitmap