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This is a list of creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars and its expansions.


Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Goblin
Heroes II Goblin Icon.png
A solid low level creature, packs of Goblins are a match for most level two creatures.
2 Orc
Heroes II Orc Icon.png
Though slow, Orcs provide range attack until Trolls can be recruited.
2+ Orc Chief
Heroes II Orc Chieftain Icon.png
The upgrade to the Orcs gives them longer durabilty in combat.
3 Wolf
Heroes II Wolf Icon.png
2 Attacks. Wolves are incredible offensive units, but they need to be used carefully because they cannot take damage well.
4 Ogre
Heroes II Ogre Icon.png
Ogres are the anchor of the Barbarian units. Though tough, Ogres are very slow on the battlefield, making it difficult for them to attack.
4+ Ogre Lord
Heroes II Ogre Lord Icon.png
The upgrade to the Ogre not only adds speed, but a sizeable increase in hit points.
5 Troll
Heroes II Troll Icon.png
Regenerates. The ability to regenerate and strike at range makes trolls incredibly useful in castle sieges.
5+ War Troll
Heroes II War Troll Icon.png
Regenerates. The Troll upgrade increases in damage and speed, while keeping the ability to regenerate.
6 Cyclops
Heroes II Cyclops Icon.png
Attack affects 2 spaces, 20% chance to Paralyze creatures. Cyclopes are powerful ground combatants.


Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Peasant
Heroes II Peasant Icon.png
The weakest creature, their only redeeming quality is numbers- they are cheap and plentiful.
2 Archer
Heroes II Archer Icon.png
The only range strike unit for the Knight, the slow speed of the Archers can be a setback.
2+ Ranger
Heroes II Ranger Icon.png
Fires 2 shots per turn. The Ranger is almost twice as good as an Archer on offense.
3 Pikeman
Heroes II Pikeman Icon.png
Though weak on offense, the Pikemen's Defense allows them to last in battle.
3+ Veteran Pikeman
Heroes II Veteran Pikeman Icon.png
The upgrade of the Pikeman gives increased speed and hit points.
4 Swordsman
Heroes II Swordsman Icon.png
Swordsmen are tougher than Pikemen, and do considerably more damage
4+ Master Swordsman
Heroes II Master Swordsman Icon.png
The Swordsman upgrade gives increased speed and hit points.
5 Cavalry
Heroes II Cavalry Icon.png
Cavalry deal considerable damage, and their high speed allows them to manuever easily.
5+ Champion
Heroes II Champion Icon.png
One of the fastest units, the Cavalry upgrade can move around almost at will on the battlefield.
6 Paladin
Heroes II Paladin Icon.png
2 attacks. Paladins are best suited on offense, where they can best use their ability to strike twice.
6+ Crusader
Heroes II Crusader Icon.png
2 attacks. Immune to curse. x2 damage vs. undead.


Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Skeleton
Heroes II Skeleton Icon.png
The best level one creature, Skeletons should be hoarded by Necromancers, as they provide easily available power early on.
2 Zombie
Heroes II Zombie Icon.png
Though having more hits than Skeletons, Zombies have a low Defense and speed.
2+ Mutant Zombie
Heroes II Mutant Zombie Icon.png
The zombie upgrade increases the speed of the Zombies. Mutant Zombies are worthwhile additions to any fledgling undead army.
3 Mummy
Heroes II Mummy Icon.png
20% chance to curse enemy creatures. The best ground creature available for the Necromancer.
3+ Royal Mummy
Heroes II Royal Mummy Icon.png
30% chance to Curse enemy creatures. The upgrade of the Mummy has improved speed and toughness.
4 Vampire
Heroes II Vampire Icon.png
Flies. Creatures attacked by Vampires cannot retaliate. Vampires are necessary for the success of the Necromancer.
4+ Vampire Lord
Heroes II Vampire Lord Icon.png
Flies. Creatures attacked by Vampire Lords cannot retaliate. Vampire Lords gain some back some of the damage they do as hit points
5 Lich
Heroes II Lich Icon.png
Range attack affects adjacent hexes. Liches are the only range strike unit available to the Necromancer.
5+ Power Lich
Heroes II Power Lich Icon.png
Range attack affects adjacent hexes. This upgrade of the Lich improves the durability of the Lich in combat.
6 Bone Dragon
Heroes II Bone Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Lowers the morale of opposing creatures. Bone Dragons are fierce creatures, second only to the Warlock Dragons in raw damage.


Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Sprite
Heroes II Sprite Icon.png
Flies. Creatures attacked by Sprites cannot retaliate. Sprites are powerful in large numbers.
2 Dwarf
Heroes II Dwarf Icon.png
25% Magic resistance. Dwarves make excellent garrison units because of their toughness and magic resistance.
2+ Battle Dwarf
Heroes II Battle Dwarf Icon.png
25% Magic resistance. The upgrade of the Dwarf is faster and tougher.
3 Elf
Heroes II Elf Icon.png
Fires 2 shots per turn. Elves are incredible offensive units, able to deal large amounts of damage at range.
3+ Grand Elf
Heroes II Grand Elf Icon.png
Fires 2 shots per turn. The Elf upgrade becomes faster and more skilled. Grand Elves are able to whittle down enemy forces quickly.
4 Druid
Heroes II Druid Icon.png
Druids are one of the best range strike units available. Though weak, few units can close to melee range on the Druid without dying.
4+ Greater Druid
Heroes II Greater Druid Icon.png
The Druid upgrade is faster and tougher. Greater Druids and Grand Elves complement each other well.
5 Unicorn
Heroes II Unicorn Icon.png
20% chance to Blind enemy creature. Unicorns are solid ground creatures. They are tough, fast, and deal good damage.
6 Phoenix
Heroes II Phoenix Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to elemental spells. Extremely fast and powerful, Phoenixes can be formidable opponents.


Tier Unit


1 Centaur
Heroes II Centaur Icon.png
Centaurs are the only range strike creature available to the Warlock and are valuable for that reason.
2 Gargoyle
Heroes II Gargoyle Icon.png
Flies. Due to their speed and toughness, Gargoyles are one of the most useful Warlock creatures.
3 Griffin
Heroes II Griffin Icon.png
Flies. May retaliate against any number of attackers. Griffins are able to fight large numbers of creatures and prove victorious.
4 Minotaur
Heroes II Minotaur Icon.png
Minotaurs are good offensive creatures but are slow compared to the earlier Warlock creatures.
4+ Minotaur King
Heroes II Minotaur King Icon.png
The Minotaur upgrade saves the Warlock in the midgame because of the increased speed and toughness.
5 Hydra
Heroes II Hydra Icon.png
Attacks all adjacent enemies. Though powerful, their slow speed makes the Hydra most useful as a garrison creature.
6 Green Dragon
Heroes II Green Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The Dragon easily reigns as the best sixth level creature and can fight small armies itself.
6+ Red Dragon
Heroes II Red Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The first upgrade to the Dragon improves speed, toughness, and skill.
6++ Black Dragon
Heroes II Black Dragon Icon.png
Flies. Attack affects two hexes. Immune to spells. The second upgrade to the Dragon improves again in speed, toughness, and skill.


Tier Unit Icon Description
1 Halfling
Heroes II Halfling Icon.png
Halflings provide solid, early range strike ability for the Wizard.
2 Boar
Heroes II Boar Icon.png
Boars are fast and strong and make excellent units for exploring.
3 Iron Golem
Heroes II Iron Golem Icon.png
1/2 damage from elemental spells. The high defense, partial magic resistance, and slow speed make Golems excellent garrison creatures.
3+ Steel Golem
Heroes II Steel Golem Icon.png
1/2 damage from elemental spells. The Golem upgrade is faster, tougher, and stronger.
4 Roc
Heroes II Roc Icon.png
Flies. The only flying creature available to the Wizard, Roc offers solid offense and defense.
5 Mage
Heroes II Mage Icon.png
No penalty for attacking adjacent units. Though weak, Mages provide incredible offensive power.
5+ Archmage
Heroes II Archmage Icon.png
No adjacent penalty. 20% chance to dispel beneficial spells on their target. Archmages are second only to Titans in range strike ability.
6 Giant
Heroes II Giant Icon.png
Immune to mind-affecting spells. Giants do good damage and have enormous hit points, making them the scariest creature on the ground.
6+ Titan
Heroes II Titan Icon.png
Immune to mind-affecting spells. No penalty for attacking adjacent units. Titans are capable of defeating Dragons in one on one combat.


Unit Icon Description
Heroes II Rogue Icon.png
Creatures attacked by Rogues cannot retaliate. Rogues are useful early in the game, providing extra offense to any hero’s army.
Nomad Nomads provide inexpensive fast creatures that can deal and take damage reasonably well.
Ghost Flies. Undead. Creatures killed by ghosts become ghosts. Ghosts are fearsome opponents. Never attack ghosts with level one creatures!
Genie Flies. 10% halve enemy unit. Between Paladin and Phoenix in power, the Genies low cost and awesome special ability are always useful.
Medusa 20% chance to turn victim to stone for the combat. Medusas make a welcome addition to any army or garrison force.
Air Elemental Neutral morale. Immune to mind spells and Meteor Swarm. Storm and Lightning Bolt do x2 damage.
Earth Elemental Neutral morale. Immune to mind spells, Lightning Bolt, and Storm. Meteor Swarm does x2 damage.
Fire Elemental Neutral morale. Immune to mind and fire spells. Cold spells do x2 damage.
Water Elemental Neutral morale. Immune to mind and cold spells. Fire spells do x2 damage.
Creatures (H2)
Barbarian 1(Goblin) • 2(OrcOrc chief) • 3(Wolf) • 4(OgreOgre lord) • 5(TrollWar troll) • 6(Cyclops)
Knight 1(Peasant) • 2(ArcherRanger) • 3(PikemanVeteran pikeman) • 4(SwordsmanMaster swordsman) • 5(CavalryChampion) • 6(PaladinCrusader)
Necromancer 1(Skeleton) • 2(ZombieMutant zombie) • 3(MummyRoyal mummy) • 4(VampireVampire lord) • 5(LichPower lich) • 6(Bone dragon)
Sorceress 1(Sprite) • 2(DwarfBattle dwarf) • 3(ElfGrand elf) • 4(DruidGreater druid) • 5(Unicorn) • 6(Phoenix)
Warlock 1(Centaur) • 2(Gargoyle) • 3(Griffin) • 4(MinotaurMinotaur king) • 5(Hydra) • 6(Green dragonRed dragonBlack dragon)
Wizard 1(Halfling) • 2(Boar) • 3(Iron golemSteel golem) • 4(Roc) • 5(MageArchmage) • 6(GiantTitan)
Neutral RogueNomadGhostGenieMedusaAir elementalEarth elementalFire elementalWater elemental