Heroes Chronicles: Revolt of the Beastmasters is the seventh game in the Heroes Chronicles series. As all the Heroes Chronicles games, Revolt is based on the Heroes of Might and Magic III engine, and consists of a campaign and a tutorial. Unlike Heroes III, in Revolt importing extra scenarios or playing in multiplayer is impossible.

Tarnum travels to the Mudlands of Tatalia, becoming a Beastmaster to free the Mudlanders from the oppression he brought upon them centuries ago. This campaign was one of two included in the single-disc installment, Heroes Chronicles: The Final Chapters.

Scenarios Edit

"Tarnum was the first to drag the Mudlanders into slavery when he was the Barbarian Tyrant. Now he has the chance to make amends and lead these people to freedom."

  1. Hopewielder
  2. The First Law
  3. By Royal Decree
  4. The King's Son
  5. The Ransom
  6. Beyond the Borders
  7. Naming a Nation
  8. The First Tatalian War
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