CoH Hero spell

Nadia uses her Lightning Strike spell

Hero spells are powerful abilities in Clash of Heroes that can be activated only with the spending of mana. Similar in fashion to the specialties from the Heroes of Might and Magic series, they are possessed only by the game's five protagonists, and by some of the stronger enemies.

Gaining Mana Edit

Spells can be cast each time the Mana Meter is completely charged. Under normal circumstances, heroes begin combats with the meter empty, and have to gain mana and fill it.

Mana is given each time damage is exchanged between you and the opponent, no matter what side is the attacker. The mana given depends on the amount of damage dealt, with heavier attacks offering more mana. Mana can be also gained by creating links, chains, fusions, or by deleting units in order to create attack formations or walls.

Additionally, several artifacts can augment the rate at which heroes gain mana, or even make them start the combat with the meter already filled up.

List of spellsEdit

There are 10 hero spells in Clash of Heroes. They are listed here, with the hero or heroes that use it.

  • Blood Ritual: All idle units are transformed into energy balls and gather at the launcher, creating one massive attack which can be launched by the Hero. (Fiona)
  • Death March: The Hero can instantly charge all of their Elite and Champion units currently on the battlefield. (Markal)
  • Elrath's Sword: All charging formations are infused with a Holy Charge and receive a 30% boost to their total PWR. (Sir Varkas)
  • Fiery Brimstone: Walls on the Hero's battlefield instantly turn into fire and launch at the enemy. (Aidan)
  • Holy Shield: Godric defends the end zone with a shield worth 50% of his max HP for 1 turn. Any remaining PWR is doubled, then launched across the battlefield at the enemy. (Godric)
  • Lightning Strike: 5 lightning shots randomly strike the enemy's battlefield, inflicting damage whatever they hit. (Nadia, Archmage Fayed)
  • Arrow Storm: The Hero aims and fires a barrage of arrows into the enemy's battlefield. Arrow Storm consists of three arrows, the middle of which does 25 damage, while the other two deal 12 (Anwen)
  • Staff of Explosia: Staff damages units when it hits, stays on the battlefield for 2 turns before exploding. (Azh Rafir, Cyrus)
  • Swift Strike: Reduces the charge time of all formations down to 1. (Findan)
  • Wall Crusher: Enemy walls explode, damaging units directly above and beside them. (Jezebeth)
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