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The Hero is the good-aligned second job promotion of the Paladin in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. To be promoted to heroes, crusaders must seek out Sir Charles Quixote in Erathia and complete his quest to defeat William Setag and rescue Alice Hargreaves from William Setag's Tower in Deyja.

Heroes gain 6 hit points and 3 spell points per level. Compared to crusaders, they can learn grandmaster mace, shield, and repair item instead of master, master spirit, mind, and body magic instead of expert, and basic light magic.

Evil-aligned crusaders can instead be promoted to villains. Vilains can learn basic dark magic instead of light.

Skills Edit

Skill Basic Expert Master Grand
Sword Yes Yes Yes No
Axe Yes Yes No No
Staff Yes No No No
Spear Yes Yes No No
Dagger Yes Yes No No
Bow Yes Yes No No
Mace Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unarmed Yes No No No
Leather Yes Yes No No
Chain Yes Yes No No
Plate Yes Yes Yes No
Shield Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dodging Yes No No No
Fire No No No No
Water No No No No
Air No No No No
Earth No No No No
Spirit Yes Yes Yes No
Mind Yes Yes Yes No
Body Yes Yes Yes No
Dark No No No No
Light Yes No No No
Disarm Trap No No No No
Perception Yes No No No
Merchant Yes Yes No No
Learning Yes No No No
Meditation Yes Yes No No
Body Building Yes Yes Yes No
Identify Item No No No No
Repair Item Yes Yes Yes Yes
Identify Monster No No No No
Armsmaster Yes Yes No No
Stealing No No No No
Alchemy No No No No
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