This page explains some of the general format used for different types of pages.

Creature PagesEdit

Begin with a description section which includes the creature's type, level and which alignment it belongs two. If possible, include a picture of the creature at the top of the page. In the description section, use the existing templates to fill out creature stats and abilities. Finish off with the in-game description and the creature's growth and cost.


The Ghost is an [[:Category:Undead Creatures|undead]] level 2 [[Necropolis]] creature.

{{creaturestats|2-4|15|30|6|N/A|15|N/A|30|28 / 12|N/A}}

:'''Special Abilities''':
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| [[Image:Ability_flying.png|Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, 
and castle walls.]] 
| [[Image:Ability_undead.png|Undead creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells and abilities
 that only work on living 
creatures. Some spells and artifact (such as Holy Water) have special effects on Undead creatures.
 Undead creatures, however, give 
an additional -2 morale penalty to all non-Death creatures.]]
| [[Image:Ability_aging.png|This creature's attack has a chance of temporarily Aging the enemy. An 
Aged target has its Attack
 skill decreased by 25%, its Defense skill decreased by 20%, and its Speed and Movement decreased by
| [[Image:Ability_insubstantial.png|Insubstantial increases this creature's Melee and Ranged Defense
 by 100%.]]

:'''Description''': The etheral ghosts can drain life energy from their opponents, aging their prey 
in seconds. This causes 
any target to become slower and weaker in combat.
:'''Weekly Growth''': 9
:'''Cost''': 140 gold

All creature pages should be in the "creature" category and any applicable sub-categories.


[[Category:Undead Creatures]]
[[Category:Mechanical Creatures]]
[[Category:Elemental Creatures]]

If a creature page has only the description and category information then mark it as a stub ({{stub}}).

To move the page beyond stub status, write information such as strategies, advantages and disadvantages in the comments section. If the comments are particularly long then use a third level heading to break up the section into sub-categories.


Ghosts are fast, tough fliers with a very debilitating touch.  They serve well for shutting down 
dangerous ranged units. 
While they take much less than their fair share of physical damage (having the same defense as 
[[Vampire]]s), they fall 
swiftly to direct-damage spells, having only 15 hit points apiece.

Mid-level Necromancers can create great hordes of Ghosts very quickly from the souls of their fallen
 enemies, using Expert or
Master [[Necromancy]].

Spell pagesEdit

The suggested general template for spells is as follows, where NAME is the name of the spell:




There are other categories the spell might fall under:

[[Category:Create Creature Spells]]
[[Category:Healing Spells]]
[[Category:Adventure Map Spells]]

Town PagesEdit

The Order page is a good model for other town pages:

[[Image:academy.jpg|left|The Academy]]
The Academy is the clean and well-organized home of Order. The ruler-straight streets divide white walls within which dwell 
its staunch defenders. The natural terrain for the Academy and its creatures is the pure and driven snow.

== Heroes ==
This town is led by Might hero [[Lord]]s and Magic hero [[Mage (hero)|Mages]]. You will also meet [[Knight]]s, [[Priest]]s, 
[[Death Knight|Death Knights]] and [[Necromancer]]s in the local taverns.

== Creatures ==
The Academy has access to a wide variety of creature types, including stout melee troops, lower and upper level ranged 
attackers, and spellcasting creatures.

{{creaturelist|Halfling|Dwarf|Gold Golem|Mage|Genie|Naga|Titan|Dragon Golem}}

== Unique Structures ==
In addition to creature dwellings, the Academy offers several unique buildings to aid you in your quest for world domination.
* '''University''': Offers four basic skills for heroes to learn for 2000 gold each. Skills are chosen from the schools for 
[[Order magic]], [[Nobility]], [[Life magic]], [[Death magic]], and [[Scouting]]. The cost to build this structure is 5750 
gold, 5 wood, 5 ore, 2 sulfur, and 2 gems.
* '''Treasury''': To complement the gold-gathering skills of your [[Lord]], building the Treasury provides an extra 10% gold 
per week. The cost to build this structure is 1500 gold, 2 wood, 2 ore, and 1 each of sulfur, gems, mercury, and crystal.
* '''Great Library''': When a player installs the [[Grail]] artifact in an Academy, this structure is built. It provides an 
extra 3000 gold per day, and increases the power of Order spells cast by that player's heroes or creatures by 50%. In 
addition, any town owned by the player that includes a magic learning center (such as an [[Institute of Magic]]) will have 
spells as if it were level five, regardless of its state of completion. Finally, a hero who stays overnight in a town with a
Great Library can increase their spell points to 25% over their normal maximum.


This opening paragraph contains only a general town description. The page (and all other town pages at present) could be usefully expanded in terms of strategy and why/when you would choose the alignment in a ==Comments== sub-section.

Hero Classes PagesEdit

Not much to these, simply a description and a comments section, if anything can be usefully said. Include in the category hero classes.


== Description ==
The '''Bard''' is an advanced class. It requires specialization in [[Scouting]] and [[Nature magic]]. 

The class bonus for bard grants him [[Fortune]], which sets his [[Luck]] at maximum (+10)
== Comments ==
Bard is one of the better advanced classes, partly because [[Fortune]] is such a useful defensive bonus, and partly because it
combines an active skill (Nature Magic), and a passive skill (Scouting).  Note however, that having Fortune does not exempt 
your hero from studying [[Combat]] - it will do much more for your survivability than having maximum luck will.

[[Category:Hero Classes]]
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