For a more detailed guide, see Help:Editing.

This article runs over the basics of coding in a wiki such as this one. The code at the end of each dot point runs gives examples of everything in the text.

  • Headings are created by placing equal symbols outside the heading text. Two equal signs will give a high level heading and three will give a low level heading. An article with three or more high level headings will automatically generate an index.
Code: ==High Level Heading== ===Low Level Heading===
  • Wikilinks and hyperlinks are created by placing square brackets outside the page you wish to link. Two square brackets create a wikilink and one creates a hyperlink. Note, wiki page names are case sensitive. If you want a link description different from the target page, use the vertical dash in a wiki link and a space in a hyperlink. Plural (or other word form) links can be made by placing the end square brackets before the beginning of the suffix. To link a category page, place a colon in front of the page name.
Code: [[Target Wiki Page Title|Visible Link Description]] [http://www.LinkedPage Visible Link Description] [[:Category:Category Name|Visible Description]] Different word [[Form]]s linked like that (this would link to "form" instead of "forms")
  • Categories can be places on a page using a special wikilink. Multiple categories are created by simply repeating the code with a different category.
Code: [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]]
  • Bold and Italics are created using single quotes/apostrophies. Three quotes makes the enclosed text bold, two italic and five bold and italic.
Code: '''Bold''' ''Italic'' '''''Bold and italic'''''
  • Bullet points are created using stars.
Code: *
  • Tabs (to make an indented paragraph) are made using colons.
Code: :
  • Images are created using regular wiki links with image: in front of the image name. The can be aligned right, center or not at all and can be automatically thumbnailed.
Code:[[Image:Image_File_Name.jpg|Thumb|ALIGNMENT|Optional Description]]
  • New Pages can be created by following red wiki links or by typing the new page name after the word title in the wiki hyperlink. See the help format page for information on the general format used for new pages.
  • Mark the page as a stub if it only has minimal information.
Code: {{stub}}
  • Your signature, if you are signed in as a registered user, can be insterted using three tildas or four if you wish to timestamp your comment. Only use this on talk pages, not content pages.
Code: ~~~ ~~~~
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