Helmar is a runemage in Hammers of Fate.

Helmar began his miitary career as a fighting Rune Priest and was prominent among his brother soldiers for his austerity, his asceticism and his fanatical hatred of his enemies. Helmar's superiors soon took note and began to entrust him with the command of small units. Helmar learned how to spread his rage to his warriors, and is now famed as a Warlord whose troops are fierce and merciless in battle.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

Hero Trait
H5SpecSacredHammer Sacred Hammer
Each time the hero casts a light magic spell on a friendly creature, there is a chance that the 'Righteous Might' spell will be cast freely upon the affected unit.OffBck

H5BasicRunelore Basic Runelore
H5AdvancedLightMagic Advanced Light Magic


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