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For other uses of the term, see Heart of Nightmares.

Heart of Nightmares is the seventh expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the base set 2 pack. It is succeeded by Griffin Bane pack. It contains 100 cards, from which:

  • 35 are common
  • 30 are uncommon
  • 20 are rare
  • 9 are unique
  • 6 are heroic

Card list[]

Heart of Nightmares cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Charity, Imperial Commander Hero Heroic Haven
Deleb, Princess of Pain Hero Heroic Inferno
Kenage, Master Strategist Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Masfar, Father of Titans Hero Heroic Academy
Matewa, Voice of Thunder Hero Heroic Stronghold
Sveltana, Hierophant of the Spider Queen Hero Heroic Necropolis
Anael, Chosen of the Light Creature Unique Neutral
Angel of Salvation Creature Unique Haven
Damran, Chosen of the Thorns Creature Unique Neutral
Djinn cloudshaper Creature Unique Academy
Lava spawn Creature Unique Inferno
Lotus Empire guard Creature Unique Sanctuary
Pao warchief Creature Unique Stronghold
Putrid dragon Creature Unique Necropolis
Zefiria, Chosen of the Winds Creature Unique Neutral
Coral ohyaku Creature Rare Sanctuary
Death lord Creature Rare Necropolis
Loyal rakshasa Creature Rare Academy
Thrall of Hatred Creature Rare Inferno
Ancestral champion Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Blood ritualist Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Chronicler Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Coral seer Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Crimson apprentice Creature Uncommon Academy
Madcap imp Creature Uncommon Inferno
Nautilus Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Pao veteran Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Praetorian captain Creature Uncommon Haven
Stormrage hunter Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Vampire connoisseur Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Arcane sharpshooter Creature Common Academy
Blind seer Creature Common Neutral
Warbound cyclops Creature Common Stronghold
Falcon marksman Creature Common Haven
Goblin mentor Creature Common Stronghold
Grave warden Creature Common Necropolis
Healing sister Creature Common Haven
Maniac taskmaster Creature Common Inferno
Loyal hound Creature Common Neutral
Necromancer apprentice Creature Common Necropolis
Newborn vampire Creature Common Necropolis
Pao wrecker Creature Common Stronghold
Shark protector Creature Common Sanctuary
Stormrage warrior Creature Common Stronghold
Swelling breeder Creature Common Inferno
Wolf trainer Creature Common Haven
Arcane mastery Spell Rare Prime
Arkath's wrath Spell Rare Fire
Fissure Spell Rare Earth
Lightning curse Spell Rare Air
Mutual agony Spell Rare Dark
Sanctified walls Spell Rare Light
Water flows freely Spell Rare Water
Arcane armour Spell Uncommon Prime
Avenging shield Spell Uncommon Light
Death-Dodger Spell Uncommon Dark
Earth growth Spell Uncommon Earth
Lightning burst Spell Uncommon Air
Mass inner flame Spell Uncommon Fire
Time flow Spell Uncommon Water
Agonizing purge Spell Common Dark
Blessing of the Storm Spell Common Water
Cleanse Spell Common Light
Counterspell Spell Common Prime
Deadly hail Spell Common Water
Magma burst Spell Common Fire
Putrid dragon's breath Spell Common Earth
Avenge the Fallen Fortune Rare Haven
Honourable challenge Fortune Rare Sanctuary
Might of the Tribe Fortune Rare Stronghold
Sacred venom fumes Fortune Rare Necropolis
Block supply lines Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Circle of Nine Fortune Uncommon Academy
Conflicting orders Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Heroic destiny Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Imperial expansion Fortune Uncommon Haven
Ur-Jubaal's call Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Crimson link Fortune Common Academy
Delve into Madness Fortune Common Inferno
Lotus Empire's support Fortune Common Sanctuary
No mercy for the Meek Fortune Common Necropolis
Tea ceremony Fortune Common Sanctuary
Blood ring Building Rare Stronghold
Dervish's tent Building Rare Academy
Emperor's wall Building Rare Haven
Makeshift shelter Building Rare Neutral
Ur-Traggal's bastion Building Rare Inferno
Boneyard Building Uncommon Necropolis
Hall of Agony Building Uncommon Inferno
Kensei dojo Building Uncommon Sanctuary
Shrine of Elrath Building Uncommon Haven
Training ground Building Uncommon Neutral
Barricade Building Common Neutral
Kabuki dojo Building Common Sanctuary
Sacrificial pit Building Common Inferno
Spirit gateway Building Common Academy
Stele of House Anima Building Common Academy
Treasury Building Common Haven
Week of the Elder Races Event Uncommon Neutral
Month of the Spider Queen Event Common Neutral