For the faction in other games, see Haven.

The Haven is one of the five playable factions featured in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. They are a translation of the Haven faction which appeared in Heroes of Might and Magic V.

The playable heroes of the Haven are Godric and Sir Varkas.

Haven units are slow, but sturdy, and their walls have extra strength.

Official descriptionEdit

A feudal Holy Empire, protected by knights and monks with access to "Light/Life" magic, slightly favoring defensive attributes. Players enjoying to build a strong defense and strike with swift counter-attacks will like this faction!OffBck


Creature Appearance Designation Description
Swordsman Swordsman (CoH) Core "The strongest warriors out of all Haven Core units."
Archer Archer (CoH) Core "The fastest unit in Haven, firing quick and deadly arrows across the battlefield."
Spearman Spearman (CoH) Core "Able to strike the enemy first using their long spears"
Priestess Priestess (CoH) Elite "Heals your Hero when charging, then fires a powerful energy blast across the battlefield."
Knight Knight (CoH) Elite "While charging, is protected by a shield worth 40% of his Max PWR."
Angel Angel (CoH) Champion "Heals your damaged units each turn as it charges, before firing a blast of holy light at the enemy."
Griffin Griffin (CoH) Champion "When the Griffin encounters a stronger enemy formation, it performs a Battle Dive as a final blow worth 2x it's current PWR."
Sword master Sword master (CoH) Champion (Secret) "At the start of every turn, the Sword Master slams his sword into the ground sending a shockwave into the enemy's column."

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