Havec is the world in which Might and Magic: Swords of Xeen takes place. It was once a prosperous world, but one day, The Source landed on the planet, sending its monsters across the land. It then sent Lord Xeen to pretend to be a friend and guardian to its people, but the population realized that the warlord really wanted to rule the planet.

The monsters attacked the people, smashing the Great Castle and destroying the cities. The planet was eventually turned into a desert wasteland, with the population scattered in the wilderness. Lord Xeen left through a portal, ending up on Xeen.

A party of adventurers later arrived from Xeen, liberating and rebuilding the towns of Hart, Impery, and Sand Town. They then traveled to the crashed spaceship that The Source inhabited, activating the spaceship's self-destruct sequence to kill The Source. The party became the new Lords of Havec.

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