Lord Harke is an elven general appearing in the Elwin and Shaera campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. He is mentioned in all parts of the campaign, apart from the first one, but only appears in the last scenario, where Elwin must defeat him to win.


Born into one of AvLee’s noble families, it was Harke's fate to join the Elven Court and maybe one day lead the elven people. When he entered the Forest Guard, however, he found he loved the intricacies of battle and remained one of its commanders for far longer than anyone would have expected.OffBck

Lord Harke was a powerful elven strategist, popular at the Court, and very effective in battle. He is in love with Shaera, and jealous of the relationship Elwin has with her. He tricks the elven druid into going looking for a supposedly lost artifact - the Bow of the Elf King - and drugs Shaera into loving him. Realizing the betrayal, Elwin raises an army and marshes on Lord Harke's castle.

Lord Harke is defeated by Elwin's armies, but not killed, as Elwin feels too much elven blood has been spilt in their civil war.


Lord Harke appears in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and in the Heroes of Might and Magic V mod Legends of the Ancients.

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