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Harecksburg is a city in Jadame, in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer within the region of Regna Island.


Harecksberg is a city in Regna Island chiefly supporting the pirate population. It is located on the center island of an atoll. Prices in the shops reflect the need for the pirates to cheat each other, but the high quality and diverse goods also reflect the pirates' wealth.


  1. Pirate's Rest - tavern
  2. Gifts of Regna - magic shop
  3. Poultices and Cures - potions shop
  4. Custom Cutlass - weapons shop
  5. Karr Battlegear - armor shop
  6. The Blessed Sea - temple with healing services
  7. Sea transportation - ship Spindrift
Spindrift - 750 gold
Destination Departs Arrives
Ravenshore Monday Friday
Ravenshore Tuesday Saturday
Dagger Wound Islands Tuesday Sunday
Ravenshore Wednesday Sunday
Ravenshore Thursday Monday
Dagger Wound Islands Thursday Tuesday
Ravenshore Friday Tuesday
Ravenshore Saturday Wednesday
Ravenshore Sunday Thursday




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