Hail Britannia is a scenario in Heroes of Might and Magic for Game Boy Color.


Rule the waves to rule Britannia.OffBck

The hero lies on the large landmass and has to conquer all towns. There are five ones on the landmass, with the one in the center being neutral. A lot of sawmills and ore mines are scattered around the island. A portal, close to the central town, links to the island, where another enemy awaits. The town can also be accessed via a ship, purchased from the shipyard, which can be built in two of the towns on the landmass, one in the northeast and the other in the northwest. Another notable thing is a genie lamp, located at the gold mine west of the central town.

There are two tiny islands, both of which have an obelisk. The one between the enemy island and the landmass has an artifact, while the one in the south features a lighthouse.


  • 7 random towns


The hero should make haste in capturing all of the landmass' towns, else the enemies may control the field. The hero can place some defenses at the central town, which is the key point of the landmass.


If the hero starts with a town in the southwest, they will get a bonus town in the northwestern part of the landmass.