Haggash is a Barbarian of the Stronghold faction in the Tribes of the East expansion of Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Haggash, an orphan found wandering in the steppes near Qutugh during the Year of the Sea of Manes, was taken in by a tribe of Centaurs and raised as one of them. Now a leader of Centaur troops, her half-man half-hellsteed legions are quicker, more reliable and dangerous.OffBck

Hero Trait
H5SpecCentaurCommander Centaur Commander
Centaurs, Centaur Nomads and Centaur Marauders in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level. Moreover they get +1% to their starting initiative for every level of the hero.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5BasicBloodRage Basic Blood Rage H5MemoryofourBlood Memory Of Our Blood
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack

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