Gwyndon the Young is a character in Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. He was Corak's apprentice.

Background Edit

Gwyndon was Corak's apprentice for many years. Corak told him many tales of other worlds with terrible monsters and great heroes, but Gwyndon thought there stories were fables or myths. One day, Corak came bursting into the library, ranting about an alien criminal from another reality who had escaped, and an anointed champion who could realign CRON before fiery destruction swept across the land.

Corak spent two weeks in his study, using the time machine to work against Sheltem's schemes. He emerged with a four-taloned claw, before vanishing in a clap of thunder. One week later, Gwyndon received a letter where Corak told him that we was fine, and that he should continue his studies at Castle Pinehurst.

Gameplay Edit

Gwyndon can be encountered in Luxus Palace Royale. He tells the party that Corak's body is in the cave in Corak's Woods, and that his soul is in the Lost Soul's Woods. Both must be retrieved to resurrect Corak.

Appearances Edit

Gwyndon appears only in Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World.

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