Empress Gwendolyn Falcon is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Gwendolyn is a beautiful princess of the Falcon Duchy. She is a person who cares for her people, despite her uncle's actions.

Coronation and reignEdit

Young Gwendolyn was appointed by the Imperial Council to take the throne after her heirless uncle Liam was killed while protecting Falcon's Reach from the demons. As Empress, Gwendolyn proved to be both forgiving and just, austere and understanding. It is during her reign that the duchies of Griffin and Wolf truly came to coexist in the least aggravating and most peaceful mutuality.

There was unrest over the revelation that the Seraphim were the fusion of Angelic and Human souls, until Gwendolyn decided that all Seraphim were to exclusively answer to the imperial crown, rather than the Angelic Host.[1] Also, due to Uriel's treachery, Gwendolyn enacted reforms in the empire that substantially reduced the power that the Church of Light had over the empire, known as the Charter of The Griffin, much to the anger of the more traditional nobles and dukes.

In 575 YSD, she contacted a group of adventurers through her agents to help her appointed governor, Jon Morgan, in resolving problems with Karthal, a city on the Agyn Peninsula that wanted to gain independence. With their help, she not only managed to reestablish the influence of the Falcon throne over the peninsula, but also uncovered Duke Oswin Unicorn's plot against her. She then appointed the Sun crusader Lord Kilburn as next duke of Unicorn Duchy.


In 566 YSD, Duke Anton Griffin married Gwendolyn. They had three children, one of them succeeding Anton at the Griffin Duchy.[2] Their eldest son, Morvan Falcon, eventually inherited the Imperial throne, succeeding his mother.



Haven CampaignEdit

A Battle Lost and Won: Gwendolyn thanks Duke Anton for his rescue, showing her gratitude.

Final CampaignEdit

Tears Such As Angels Weep/Dark With Excessive Bright: Gwendolyn praises the heroes for defending the Holy Falcon Empire against the demon invasion, especially the Griffin family and Michael, the Archangel General.


Her character model is a Vestal, with different colours.


Gwendolyn appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.



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