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Guthbert is the court magician of king Ragnar Ironfist, appearing in the manual to Heroes of Might and Magic I, in the Letters from Lord Ironfist.


Once, Guthbert was a wizard, a devoted servant of Morglin Ironfist's father. When Morglin hired Guthbert to assassinate his cousin Ragnar Ironfist so he could reclaim the throne that was his by birthright, Guthbert accepted without hesitation. Unfortunately, Guthbert was caught, and died soon thereafter at the hands of one of Ragnar's "truth seekers". The story could have ended there, but Guthbert's spirit refused to go and somehow forced its way back into his body. Now a Lich, Guthbert is a vengeful, bitter and very angry Undead, who leads the Necromancers of Dusk. He's determined to enforce his warped sense of "justice" by ruling over the Living, and engineered most of the current turmoil when he abducted Princess Penelope and had the good King Alamar killed.OffBck

Sir Morglin Ironfist hired the magician to kill Ragnar, Morglin's cousin, to reclaim the throne that Morglin felt should rightfully have been his. The attempt failed, and Guthbert was tortured on the rack (including having his arms torn from their sockets) until he revealed who had hired him. After a letter bearing Morglin's signature and a satchel with his mark were found in Guthbert's possession, Morglin fled from the castle, ending up on Enroth.

Throughout the letters, Morglin speaks rudely about the court magician, calling him "the fool Guthbert", and bragging to Ragnar about how much more powerful Morglin's spellcasters are: "I think I should add here that the pathetic wizard, Guthbert, who caused me so much trouble in your realm with his loose tongue and could not strike a mouse dead, would have been burnt to a crisp by the rivals he would face here. "

None of the letters reached their destination, and since nothing was revealed about the fate of the people remaining in VARN-4, it's unknown what happened to Ragnar and his folk, but Guthbert presumably didn't live very long after his failed assassination attempt.



  • The Princess of VARN: Guthbert fights Agar, Princess Penelope, Ragnar Ironfist, and Ranalou for his rule under the broken kingdom.


Guthbert appears in Heroes of Might and Magic I and in a Heroes VI scenario, The Princess of VARN.