The familial crest of the Gryphonhearts

The Gryphonheart dynasty was the Human ruling family of the kingdom of Erathia on the planet of Enroth. The Gryphonheart bloodline stretches as far back as the centuries immediately following the Silence, and its familial crest is the Griffin, which was also emblazoned on Erathia's flag.

Its earliest known ancestor is King Rion Gryphonheart, a Knight who served the Empire of Bracaduun and later founded the Erathian kingdom. The Gryphonheart lineage is also traceable back to Tarnum, whose sister, wholly unbeknownst to the common folk of Antagarich, was Rion's wife. The Gryphonhearts most commonly had red hair, a trait inherited from their maternal ancestor.

With very few exceptions, the Gryphonhearts exclusively ruled Erathia up until its destruction during the Reckoning. It is plausible that Gryphonheart was not originally a surname, but a title given to Rion for his armies' taming of the Griffins following the fall of Bracaduun. The last Gryphonheart ruler of Erathia was Nicolas Gryphonheart, while the last Queen was his daughter, Catherine Ironfist.

The GryphonheartsEdit

Known individuals with Gryphonheart blood include:

Niven also had one unnamed brother. Roland Ironfist and Gwenllian were married into the family, and thus did not bear the mark of the bloodline.

Lord Lysander, Waerjak, and Gauldoth were the children of Nicolas Gryphonheart and Iduna, and thus also part of the Gryphonheart lineage. Additionally, Sir Daymarc was a cousin to the family.

Both Sephinroth and Sir Worton made open claims to the public that they were of Gryphonheart blood, but their claims were later refuted as avarice.

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