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Lord Grott is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. He was one of Dubiel's servants, and was sent to ambush Diligence's group while they were traveling back toward The Wheel.

Diligence described him as a "tall, stoop-shouldered man beneath his scarlet armor". He had dark, spiky hair, and a black helmet with a bristle of red plume. He often toyed with a small fingerblade - cleaning his nails, picking his teeth, or balanding the point of the blade on the tip of his finger. At one point, he drives the sharp blade deep into his own fingertip without even changing his expression. He seemed to have some affection for his underling Crobbick, referring to her as "nestling" and "button", and speaking almost fatherly to her.

He liked to toy with his prisoners, and stretched his mouth in feigned amazement when Welleck tried to pretend that Diligence was an alter. He could change his mood quickly, going from light musings to angry snarls and shouts over the course of a sentence, but it's not known whether this was just an act to scare his prisoners.

He seemed to have a thing for alters, and when the group were his prisoners, he often asked Grapple to bring the alter to his wagon so that he could molest it. While this was partly a way to get Grapple away from the others so that he could receive commands from Dubiel through her infected mind, the alter returned to the cage bleating in despair, and retreating if Grapple approached it.

When the group headed into the Effulgency, the soldiers talked about pale shapes that wandered at the perimeter of the camp every evening after sundown. Lord Grott dismissed this as "fear-spawned imaginings". A few days later, he and all his soldiers were killed by a group of candlemen in a late-night strike.