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Griffin Bane is the eighth expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the Heart of Nightmares pack. It is succeeded by Sins of Betrayal pack. It contains 100 cards, from which:

  • 36 are common
  • 27 are uncommon
  • 22 are rare
  • 9 are unique
  • 6 are heroic

Card listEdit

Griffin Bane cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Jezebeth Hero Heroic Inferno
Mother Namtaru, Asha's Nightmare Hero Heroic Necropolis
Mukao Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Nahla Hero Heroic Academy
Slava Hero Heroic Haven
Toghrul Hero Heroic Stronghold
Hasafah, Chosen of the Shadows Creature Unique Neutral
Hikyu, Chosen of the Flames Creature Unique Neutral
Raya, Chosen of the Waves Creature Unique Neutral
Angel protector Creature Rare Haven
Benevolent angel Creature Rare Haven
Blessed lake spirit Creature Rare Sanctuary
Bloodmask shaman Creature Rare Stronghold
Bloodsnake shaman Creature Rare Stronghold
Bone setter Creature Rare Necropolis
Channeling breeder Creature Rare Inferno
Generator titan Creature Rare Academy
Kabuki propagandist Creature Rare Sanctuary
Masterpiece titan Creature Rare Academy
Spellhungry breeder Creature Rare Inferno
Angel commander Creature Uncommon Haven
Bloodhydra shaman Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Bloodscar ritualist Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Bloodshark warrior Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Darkflame fanatic Creature Uncommon Inferno
Djinn warden Creature Uncommon Academy
Kabuki infiltrator Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Kabuki seductress Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Lich tactician Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Makeshift golem Creature Uncommon Academy
Osmotic breeder Creature Uncommon Inferno
Bloodclaw shaman Creature Common Stronghold
Bloodscar goblin Creature Common Stronghold
Bloodtiger warrior Creature Common Stronghold
Breeder matron Creature Common Inferno
Dervish diva Creature Common Academy
Devout priest Creature Common Haven
Griffin crossbowman Creature Common Haven
Griffin legionnaire Creature Common Haven
Hatching breeder Creature Common Inferno
Kabuki tei Creature Common Sanctuary
Mercenary archer Creature Common Neutral
Rabid dog Creature Common Neutral
Sellsword thug Creature Common Neutral
Spider guard Creature Common Necropolis
Venom soldier Creature Common Necropolis
Avenging wings Spell Rare Light
Collateral damage Spell Rare Fire
Creeping darkness Spell Rare Dark
Disintegration Spell Rare Prime
Ice meteor Spell Rare Water
Nature's revenge Spell Rare Earth
Windborn speed Spell Rare Air
Aura of frost Spell Uncommon Water
Blinding light Spell Uncommon Light
Contagious poison Spell Uncommon Earth
Flaying darkness Spell Uncommon Dark
Grounding squall Spell Uncommon Air
Ragefire Spell Uncommon Fire
Spell block Spell Uncommon Prime
Cheap death Spell Common Dark
Forked firebolt Spell Common Fire
Relocation Spell Common Prime
Spirit wave Spell Common Water
Sunblaze Spell Common Light
Virulent poison Spell Common Earth
Wind wall Spell Common Air
Army of the Dead Fortune Unique Necropolis
Bloodscar totem Fortune Unique Stronghold
Dark lotus pond Fortune Unique Sanctuary
Halls of Amnesia Fortune Unique Haven
Soulfueled pyre Fortune Unique Inferno
Bone to bone Fortune Rare Necropolis
Dance of the Dead Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
Golden horseshoe Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Reserves Fortune Uncommon Haven
Spoils of war Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Writ of Fate Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Blackmail Fortune Common Sanctuary
Empowered spell Fortune Common Inferno
Reanimation Fortune Common Necropolis
Solder Fortune Common Academy
Undead reinforcements Fortune Common Necropolis
What lies below Fortune Common Sanctuary
Titan workforce Fortune Unique Academy
War banner Building Rare Neutral
Elemental spire Building Uncommon Neutral
Darkwater pool Building Uncommon Haven
Spawning chamber Building Rare Inferno
Storm terrace Building Rare Academy
Vampire ritual altar Building Uncommon Necropolis
Barracks Building Common Haven
Bloodpact crucible Building Common Stronghold
Elemental nexus Building Common Academy
Garrison Building Common Haven
Foundry Building Common Academy
Fountain of Rejuvenation Building Common Sanctuary
Recycling chamber Building Common Inferno
A Tear in the Veil Event Uncommon Neutral
Fiery Sunrise Event Common Neutral