Creatures born as result of magical experiments on captured goblins, Gremlins are more clever and tractable than their progenitors. The most common creature in the Wizards' army, they prefer to fight from a distance using primitive projectile weapons fuelled by explosive spells. Their clumsy hand-held mortars are sturdy, and during melee Gremlins use them as metal clubs.OffBck

The gremlin is the first-level creature of the Academy in Heroes of Might and Magic V. It has low stats, even for a first-level creature, but its ranged attack makes up for it.


Shooter - This creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance to target is longer than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage. Shooter cannot use ranged attack when blocked by enemy creature. If there's no Ammo Cart in the army, the number of shots is limited by available ammo.OffBck

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