Great Arcan is one of the kingdoms of Iranese, and was founded by refugees from Enroth who managed to flee the cataclysmic Reckoning. Arriving in Axeoth by means of magical portals, they established a country.

Great Arcan appears in the The Price of Peace campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and is mentioned in the Half-Dead campaign.

History Edit

Great Arcan was founded not long after the Reckoning by the mage Emilia, who was nicknamed "Nighthaven" after her coronation. Tired of being pushed around by thugs, she dreamed of a nation where chaos and destruction was replaced by order and justice. She defeated the marauding forces of Lord Lorne and the Barbarians Gurt and Joklut Jawbreaker, constructing her new nation from their territories.

Shortly after the kingdom was formed, the new nation came under attack from the forces of King Gavin Magnus of Bracada, as Gavin Magnus felt he was better suited to rule. When the might of his armies proved inadequate to conquer Emilia's forces, King Magnus hired the Red Dwarves to construct dragon golems, but most of them were lost in one of the dwarves' drunken brawls.

Instead, he aquired the Rainbow Crystal, building a Crystal Pendulum to hypnotize his enemies, and he conquered Great Arcan without a fight.

With the aid of the Mind Shield, queen Emilia and Solmyr the genie managed to face Gavin Magnus on the battlefield, and the Crystal Pendulum was destroyed, as was King Magnus' mind. Queen Emilia had her spine severed in the battle, and was told she would never walk again, but the nation was once again free.

Notable individuals Edit

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