Gorshak is a Barbarian of the Stronghold faction in the Tribes of the East expansion of Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Orcs produce few natural leaders, as not only bravery and intelligence but also savagery is required to gain their respect. Gorshak is unusual in this; even other leaders look up to him for the prowess he has shown. During the great drought of the Year of the Fields of Dust he led a loose coalition of seven tribes on a six-month journey through desert, fire, attack by maddened beasts, war with Dwarven renegades, and flash floods. A chief among chieftains, they fight with particular zeal when he leads them.OffBck

Hero Trait
H5SpecBladeOfTheKhan Blade of the Khan
Slayers, Executioners and Chieftains in hero's army gain +1 to their Attack and Defense for every two levels of the hero, starting on first level.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5AdvancedBloodRage Advanced Blood Rage H5PowerfulBlow Powerful Blow

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