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The golden ship falling into the lake. From the cover of the Dreamwright

"...he had discovered...that the egg from which he had been hatched was actually a ship, a notion that Hitch found the most puzzling of all, for what would a ship be doing a hundred leagues up in the sky and more, and why had it sunk like a stone immediately upon returning to its rightful place on the water?"
The Shadowsmith

The golden ship is a spacecraft from the Arc that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. It also makes an appearance in Might and Magic X: Legacy.


According to Hitch, it looked like a "giant golden egg" with a complicated shell. The entrance to the craft was a six-foot circular door that slid up into the wall, and gently sloping ramps led from one floor to the next. The controls looked like a "horizontal semicircle of softly colored lights arranged in narrow bars." The chair next to it was rounded and cuplike, and connected the pilot mentally to the main systems.

The ship was extremely advanced and powerful when compared to any technology on Hitch's and Diligence's planet. Compared to the scientific vessels of Bright Star, the golden ship was more sophisticated, and had better medical equipment, but was slower and less armed than its counterpart.

This was the vessel that Jassad Attqua used to reach the planet, where he crashed into a lake when his instruments stopped working. Jassad ejected himself, but would likely have drowned if not for Hitch, who was resting on the beach and managed to pull him to the shore. The instrument suit put Jassad into a sort of artificial coma to protect him from harm, and he remained in that state for months, until Hitch accidentally woke him up. When his consciousness returned, Jassad immediately decided to return to his ship.

When the group finally reached the lake, Jassad used some unknown technology to pull the ship up. He entered it, and started rambling to Hitch and Varve about his intentions to destroy the candlemen, the yeofolk, and the Unseen Wall, before telling them to run. As they fled, they realized that something was terribly wrong with his mind, and Hitch told Carverax to stop the craft, but it took off with him clinging on the outside.

They met up with Diligence's caravan, and Eil do Mer told them that she could stop the craft. When the golden ship approached, she entered her own craft and engaged it in battle, managing to bring it to the ground. Using the golden ship's medical equipment, she separated Jassad from The Reference, which cured his condition.

Might and Magic X[]

If the player completes the Jassad's Bestiary quest, they get a bonus ending slide where Jassad is seen leaving the peninsula in his golden ship.