The Gods of Axeoth are the divine beings that rule the world of Axeoth. The gods dwell in the Hall of the Gods in Arslegard. The following gods are known:

  • Krohn, the King of the Gods, and ruler of Arslegard.
  • Fre, Goddess of Vita, and Krohn's wife.
  • Njam the Meddler, God of Mischief and enemy of Krohn, and the one that will cause the Great Reckoning.
  • Skraelos, the God of Death, who decides who is worthy to enter Hallenhalt.
  • Hanndl, the gatekeeper who can grant worthy mortals access to Arlsegard.
  • Honk, also known as Philip, a goose who is the gods' pet.

In addition, there are the Wyrdes, a trio that decides the fates of mortals, but it is not known whether they are technically gods or not.

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