Goblin Empire is a scenario Heroes of Might and Magic for Game Boy Color.


It's a Goblins' world. You have to take it from them.OffBck

The hero, Lord Haart, has to conquer every town, for the region is overrun by goblins and their kin. Lord Haart has 10 peasants, 10 nomads and 10 rogues. The first town is infested with 100 goblins, which can be taken easily by recruiting some rogues from the wagon close to the town. Once captured, Haart can develop the town while capturing the mines, which are well-guarded. There are many towns around the region, which all neutral ones being occupied by hundreds of goblins. The goblins also occupy many gold mines and certain locations around the map.

There are three enemy factions on the island, one being south of Haart's starting location, the other one northeast and the final one being far to the east. The objective is to defeat all of their heroes and capture all of their towns.

In addition, there is a neutral town in the south, but the path is guarded by a hundred ogres and hordes of cyclopes, while the town itself is defended with 1000 goblins. There are six obelisks scattered around the map, which aren't particularly guarded.


  • 9 random towns


The hero has to capture the town in the northeast. From that point, other towns won't be hard to capture, since others have a lot more creatures to deal with before roaming freely throughout the land. Goblins aren't difficult to slay, only if the hero's army isn't large enough.