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Goblin - MM VII
Hit Points: 13
Armor Class: 6
Damage: D9
Movement limit: Medium
Speed: 160
Attack Speed: 100
AI type: Normal
Preferred enemy: Dwarf
Primary attack: Physical
Secondary attack percent: 10
Secondary attack: Physical (ranged)
Secondary damage: 4D2
Level: 4
Experience: 56
Treasure: 4D4 gold

The goblin is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the hobgoblin and goblin lord.

Goblins can be encountered in Harmondale and Castle Harmondale. They usually use a melee attack that does D9 damage, but have a 10% chance to use a ranged attack that does 4D2 damage. They target dwarves in the party.

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