Goblins are cowardly creatures and do not make very good soldiers. Even if they have seen their kinsmen killed before their eyes, goblins would still not think anything of switching sides and joining forces with the enemy. And faced with the slightest threat to their own safety, they will try to flee as far as possible. Only once forced into a corner, and left no alternative, will a goblin actually put up a fierce fight for its life.OffBck

The goblin is the first-level creature of the Stronghold town in the Tribes of the East expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V. Its upgrades are goblin trapper and goblin witch-doctor.

Abilities Edit

  • Raging Blood - This creature has a mix of demon and human blood that makes it subject to "Blood Rage" temporarily improving it's battle characteristics for aggressive behavior in combat.OffBck
  • Cowardice - Suffering damage from a melee attack, this creature tries to run off to the nearest unoccupied location within its movement range.OffBck The creature retaliates only if it cannot flee.
  • Treachery - When the number of these creatures falls below 30 percent of their original numbers, they change sides.OffBck A stack can only betray once per combat, and stays with its new master after the combat (if not killed).

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