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The goblin is the first-tier creature of the Plains faction in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. They are considered medium for their level, and are far better suited to offensive than to defensive tactics

The goblin is a basic first-tier creature with no special abilities and good only for bashing. Their 3 Hit Points and medium speed make the goblin a useful troop in the early game and not too useless later on, and allow them to defend orcs and to attack whoever approaches. The lack of Defense is obvious, and it makes Goblins vulnerable to attack. Ideally, Goblins should attack before being attacked, or a large number of them may not make it for the first attack. Their large population and low cost add to their effectiveness. One wolf, however is a better investment for 200 gold than 5 goblins, due to it's speed and attack capabilities. Goblins are strongly affected by the Bless and Curse spells.

Certain maps have dwellings that provide free goblins for visiting heroes.

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