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Goblin H6 artwork

Goblins in Ashan were creatures created by the wizards, along with the orcs.


In 500 YSD, demons invaded again Ashan. Presumably because the demons were winning, the Wizards of the Seven Cities wanted to create shock troops during what remained in history as War of the Blood Moon. They tried fusing demon blood with human flesh (criminals, thieves etc.) and the result, the goblins, was dissappointing to them. Because the Wizards saw them as too weak, they used more demon blood than usual. Again, the creation "failed". The cyclopses were created. Then, in the final attempt, they used equal quantities of demon blood and of human flesh. This resulted the creatures they were looking for: the orcs.

Described Edit

Goblins are in a way, dumb. They are small and far from powerful, so they stay in huge packs. They are also crafty. Don't expect for a goblin to make a bow! They would more likely create traps. The bear trap is the most common. Usually they use a club in melee combat, but at a distance, the can use things such as stones, rocks and so on. Some are known to use a type of boomerang, which has proven very effective. The Goblins are spread over anywhere where Orcs are, and along with the Harpies, Centaurs and Cyclopses, they are known to be in a sort of an alliance. On the battlefield, the combination can prove devastating.

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